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Song of the day: I am a fever, I ain't born typical

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Hello kids,

Today we end with the Paleo featured artist on a high. This high is a well-known Song of the day favourite.
THE KILLS. You may remember that on the build up to their performance in Lausanne I gave out about 6 of my fav songs day after day.
(No Wow, Last day of Magic, Cat Claw, Tape Song, Cheep & Cheerful, Future Starts Slow all in the playlist I have give you)

And this I believe gave me the good luck I needed to be able to find tickets outside the sold out gig.
People this band is AMAZING! Not only on all their albums but my god what they do LIVE.
Sex on the stage. They have the energy, the power, the talent and the charisma of storm on stage.

So I would recommend EVERYONE to fight, steal, drive long distances to watch this band live.

So here is one more of their great songs, a cover of the Velvet Underground Pale Blue Eyes.

And just to portray their full upbeat dirty rock energy U.R.A Fever



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