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Song of the day: Calling a ‘I told you so’ on this band

Hello new and old followers,

I’d like to apologies for my absence, my come back and the confusion around Indie Nation/MasMusic and the double posting.
So it is now with heavy heart that I announce that I will officially split from Indie Nation (although remaining an honorary DJguest), and will now only exclusively post content on this site. For more info please see this farewell post. I encourage you to subscribe to both blogs and follow us on our journey as we find our new vision, direction and offerings.

The good news is if you are used to your daily tune, it will still be available here . Just make sure to sign up, or come and pop by whenever you like. Plus much more will be coming soon. So without further ado lets just give you why you are here: the music.

Today I give you a new discovery of mine which I am very excited about. The band is called Years & Years. They have just started out, in a very random and charming way. The two things that strike me immediately are the age and the voice! The group looks like they are made up of teenagers (turns out they are in their early 20s) and one heavily moustached Salvador Dali look-alike (I stole that comparison from the article cause it’s so great) yet the music is of a much older maturity.

Then there is Olly’s voice which is extraordinary. There’s also something very charming about his sincere face and wonderfully curly hair (which I have a slight bias to adore). A quick Google search brings to light that Olly Alexander is actually an actor and a scriptwriter. And a successful one. He wrote the screen play and acted in this which looks fantastic.

As for their sound they describe themselves as mashing warm acoustic with cold electronic sounds and I can’t think of a better description – or a mix of sound I love more. This is music that hits the right spots for me. They just started out and only have two songs released but I really hope to hear much more from them soon since they are clearly talented. One quick look at their FB page shows they are unsigned but their manager works to Machine Management a fantastic firm (cough dream job cough) that also looks after Citizens! and Friendly Fires among others. So no fear for their career.

So here is the wonderful I wish I knew

And also a really fun recording done live in what looks like a tube or train

The only thing I must admit, is that for an actor, Olly does a terrible fake singing in the official video. That aside we still love you and your curls…and then there is your voice.

What do you think?

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