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Song of the day: all these things about me you never can tell

Hello kids,

So after yesterday new light happy acoustic electro tunes I am going you something a little older and more rock. Their name is the Joy Formidable, and they are no new find. They have been around since 2007. I found them because they continuously popped up on my ‘related artists’ section of some of my favourite artists on Spotify. So then I found out it’s because they toured with the Editors (basics of Indie 101) and Passion Pit. So that’s enough to give them credit. They are now actually signed with an Indie label run by one of the members of Passion Pit. All good signs.

So here is Whirring

The end is for the hardcore rockers and there’s even a 6:40 min extended version on Spotify if you like: The Joy Formidable – Whirring)


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