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Song of the day: What are we doing? Bitching.

Hello kids,

So today I give you Cat Power, you may have remember from the start of this year, I went to watch her in concert in Geneva and gave out  Living in barsWell the strong feline is back with a wonderful album this year called Sun (which is also a great song by Caribou).

I was… surprised…when I saw her. She has staccato stage moves, an inconsistent presence and even left the stage for a good 20 minutes in the middle of the set while people lightly strummed instruments and we all waited in confused impatience. A bizarre character she might be but you also see the music come out from underneath her. And this album proves that drug addiction or not she’s still got it.

Here is the wonderful Ruin, that piano intro and repetition is SO effective. The song is about people in rich countries being so incredibly prone to complaining about small things when there are people who hardly have anything to eat in poorer countries.  Unfortunately this is something that has been repeated so many times it has lost its impact on people. But it still hits me when she mentions Soweto which is in South Africa – a country I lived in for 13 years. Now living again in Europe I am amazed by the level of bitching and the contagiousness of this illness. There is something beautiful you can learn from African happiness. I think very few European laughs from the same depth or gives themselves such freedom to enjoy every moment. African laughter can sometimes be more beautiful than songs.

So don’t bitch, it’s the last work week before Christmas anyways.


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  1. Interesting. That sounds a bit different than The Greatest to me, but I’ll check out the entire album. Her looks, as well the engaged lyrics, remind me a bit of Sinead O’Connor, don’t you think? /Puk


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