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Song of the day: The XX XMas

Hello kids,

So you may think that I am obsessed with the XX and talk too much about them. You would be right, and to prove a point here’s another post about them.

But people, come on, is there anything this band can’t do superbly? Yesterday the recorded a Christmas tune in the BBC Radio 1 live lounge and made it sound like the hippest and newest tune. I mean I’m not even a fan of Christmas jingles. In fact I am an anti-fan but this is just a FANTASTIC cover.

Now I know what you are thinking – The XX + Christmas carol = really? Well don’t worry in true XX style they picked the most appropriate song they could Last Christmas – which is all about vulnerability and heartbreak. Now that sounds exactly like the XX. And then they put loads of heavy synthiser and whispery singing and BINGO. You get the XX sound.

It’s just so great hurry up and listen to it


Now if only the shops could be playing this instead of those horrendously happy-clappy-shoot-me-garbage.


What do you think?

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