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Song of the day: You in those little high waisted shorts

Hello kidos,

Want to look cool – make sure to post this on your FB, email it to your close friends, and claim discovery in 6 months time when these guys get to the charts.

So what am I going on about? Well yesterday I was skimming over The Hype Machine (fantastic site) and I found this HOT new band. The Neighbourhood. Now one listen and its clear these guys are going to be BIG! It’s like a more indie, more talented, more instrumental version of Maroon 5. And I mean that as a compliment (to them, not Maroon). The Californian 5 piece band has just released their first EP I’m Sorry and it’s really just lovely easy and sing along type of sound so you know they will be the band that even your non-indie friends will know soon. Kinda like Foster the People. Although more hip-hop influences.

It seems most of the buzz of this band is going to the lead singer Jesse Rutherford who is covered in tattoos and forces the band to always wear black and white, and also that videos and photos are always in black and white. Also something about only ordering from menus that are in a certain font (yes I’m going with that is just some marketing B###S###).

So here is an intimate and lustful Sweater Weather, with as much oh-oh-ohying as a song can get and some lovely piano at the climax point (3:10).

Reply to this post when you get your first props. Or before that too if you like this.

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