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Song of the day: Today is…

Hello musically inclined people,

Today is……….Featured Fridays. Let’s stop just stop talking about that other thing. A pet peeve of mine is to add yet another cliché comment to a pointless trending topic. No offence to everyone who has, I’m just an alternative snob like that.

Anywho, thank you so much for people who send in some amazing music recommendations, I love getting them in so please keep sending them in. I am also happy to write up a review of a new artist as I have in the past – so please contact me if you are interested.

So here is something totally different but totally wonderful from Cedric. Her name is Alice Russell and she is a British soul singer (told you it was different to usual). She has released several albums and has mastered being the collaboration Queen, working with artist such as Mr Scruff, Quantic (you often here their influence), Fatboy Slim and whole lot more. Her songs have also been remixed by a million people (well not quite but close enough)

So here is the lovely tune recommended: Human Kind 

Now don’t be fooled by her sweet and innocent sounding voice because apparently the repeated question is:
Are you rough enough to be my number one?

That and:
Can you tug my hair and slap my behind
I’m a whole lot of woman i want to recline
If we go your way or you come to my
Come lets create a new humankind

Well I think that’s enough for today.


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  1. thanks – haven’t heard that in ages.


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