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Song of the day: It’s Christmas (kinda)

Hello Song of the Dayers,

Its Christmas, or nearly. Not sure when you celebrate it, today or tomorrow or not at all. And apart from the marvellous The XX Christmas single that I gave you just last week, I have been keeping another secret for today.

Sufjan Stevens (also known as the poet of indie) has done a wonderful and extensive (5 EPs 42 songs!) Christmas box set. It has everything from your common carols to some originals he has created. As I previously mentioned I’m really not a fan of Christmas music but every now and again you got to give in and get into the mood – and I will allow this indie Christmas songs for a whole 24 hours a year.

So if your family force you to put it on how bout you just talk them into streaming the full album here.

If its not your style then I also found this great top 10 list by Diffuser.

Stay festive and carol on.


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