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Song of the day: Merry Mas!

Hello kids,

So hope you are feeling festive by now. So let me give you another alternative to those cheesy carols and then I promised I’m done for another year – with the Christmas carols, not the bloging (sorry). So along with the XX another obsession you may have realized by now is Passion Pit. I love their albums, their remixes of other artists and remixes of their song. Pretty much, its like a musical butter – you add it to anything and it just get better.

So they released this Christmasy song last year called All These Trees. It’s rather cute.

Then if you want a real laugh I came across Adam Horne, a musician that did pretend covers of classic Christmas tunes as if he were popular indie bands such as Bon Iver, the xx, Mumford & Sons, Gorillaz etc. Have a look at this.

Now I just need to get through New Years. At least I got this awesome tshirts from my older brother to make it worth all this forced merryness.

Music T-shirts Christmas GiftsMerry Mas


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