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Song of the day: I want to be your friend

Hello kids,

Now that you’ve thrown away the wrapping paper, onto to the next festive event which is New Years. With it comes reflection on the year that has past and CHARTS. In fact CHARTS, CHARTS, CHARTS. Now for very strongly opinionated person like myself you would think that I love giving you my top hits of the year. But I really HATE IT.

I see ranking  music as hard as picking who is your favourite child (in a REALLY big family). I mean Emma is so damn cute but I love Tommy’s naughty streaks and he makes me laugh (calm down everyone, I don’t have kids yet). I’m too much of a new era music kid to like rating and ranking music. That was for the old days, when there were fewer, bigger superstars and less of the middle stuff. Now with the internet and no barriers to entry there are MANY more bands then there ever has been and less obvious stand out acts (unless you mean negatively standing out – those are rather obvious).

Me being a music expert I can’t even give you my favourite artist. NO WAY. On average I digest 1-3 albums a week. There’s just too much to process and rank. I’d have sleepless night thinking about it, I’d have to write long apology letters. It’s just torture really. And then as if that wasn’t hard enough you got to think whether you do top artists? new or already existing? top albums? top singles? I mean this is just MONTHS of work – I’ll be done by next year this time.

But what I do like to do is read over other people’s top lists (I know it’s a bit selfish really). Just to check I haven’t missed out on big huge obvious fish in the pond. And also to mock some people’s poor music taste and be out raged on some ranking and non-ranking. Just the usual chart fun.

So I had a look over NME’s  top 50 Best Tracks and Pitchforks top 100. First of all I am happy that I covered a lot of the songs on our daily Song of the Day. Or at least most of the good ones. However I obviously missed out some goodies so I’ll be squeezing those over to you now.

And luckily I did cause it happened to be that I hadn’t even heard of Pitchfork’s number 1 band, apparently the most exciting band to watch for next year. They are called Palma Violets, an English band that formed last year and were just playing fun gigs for family and friends as they felt there was no band they could believe in. Well one of their friends must have had a good ear because they got the attention of the very important label Rough Trade (The Strokes, The Libertines amongst others) who signed them immediately. Its similar height of buzz as there was for Citizens! last year. Their début album 180 will be released in February next year.

General opinion seems to be that they could propel British Indie guitar sounds back to the top of the charts.

Let’s see if that works out, for now here is Best of Friends



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