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Song of the day: Baby how you suck my blood

Hello kids,

So continuing from yesterday long charts ramble I found yet another band that falls in the same category as Palma Violets. Peace are new, they are British, there is a lot of people raving about them and they are being coined as the future of indie.

I must say I have been listening them non stop and I am quite excited about them myself, they mix all the sounds I love. Their first release was Bblood which was then polished and rerecorded as Bloodshake. Everyone was screaming FOALS at this time and for good reasons. Listen to Black Gold and you’ll hear it. Then came their EP named EP Delicious and with it came comparisons to The Maccabees, WU LYF and Vampire Weekend (all fantastic bands). Well all of this positive press got them to tour with bands such as the Mystery Jets and The Vaccines. So let’s just say they are doing very well.

To top the year NME put Follow Baby at their 47 and Bloodshakes at 43  and California Daze at 13 of their top 50 Best Tracks of 2012.

Myself, I’m a huge fan of 1998 (Delicious) 10 minutes of beauty.

I will definitely be looking out for these guys!

What do you think?

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