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Song of the day: Oh Faithful Lone Ranger Friend

Hello kids,

Well let’s keep rolling with some of the key singles of this year. At number 30 of NME’s top 50 tracks of 2012 is Everything Everything‘s first single Cough Cough off their soon to be released second album Arc. The band should ring a bell as they have been featured twice on SOTD before, with Suffragette Suffragette (ya they really like repeating words) and the amazing Clock Opera Remix of their MY KZ UR BF (which is a regular in my DJset).

So I am happy they are back from their two-year break with some amazing electro, staccato  indie rock jamming. The guys still have it and its great to hear it. But what made me even more excited than Cough Cough is their really just hot release of Kemosabe the second single.

Wondering what Kemosbae means? Well I looked it up and apparently it is the term of endearment used by the intrepid and ever-faithful fictional Native American sidekick, Tonto, in The Lone Ranger. It is translated as “trusty scout” or “faithful friend” in Potawatomi.

Well now you know.


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