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Song of the day: Your’s trojan is in my head

Hello kidos,

So back to some easy listening indie sound. This is a happy clappy pop indie band for you. Their name is Atlas Genius and they are a four piece band from Australia. So they did things a bit backward, they decided to build the studio to record the songs first before making the songs. They wanted to have a safe happy place to that they could nurture their songs.

And it worked. In 2011 their first single Trojan (love to see the google search for trojans on this one) and it became an instant hit.

And it’s easy to hear why. When asked for their influences Keith, on guitars and vocals, named Indie band 101 Death Cab for Cutie as a big one and specifically called out Ben Gibbard’s lyrics as inspiration. Death Cab being my very own first introduction to indie music, I cannot help but completely agree. I use to sit with CD covers and read song word by word and be amazed at Ben’s poetry. They also name Phoenix (another popular easy accessible door into indie), The Police, The Beatles and Beck as influences. And I think in Trojan you clearly hear the Ben Gibbardy lyrics and the Phoenix guitars and beat.

So they are busy getting ready for their album release on the 19th of February so let’s wish them all the best of luck.

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