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Song of the day: I don’t want to wait

Hello kids,

Well you know I love whacky looking bands. And one looking band that has been getting a lot of attention is Alabama Shakes:

Alabama shakes

If the name and picture had you guessing they are from Alabama, Athens to be precise (no definitely not the Greek capital). And these whackos have been getting a whole lot of big nominations and prizes (AIM, Grammys etc) for the way their debut album, Boys & Girls, blew up.  So what’s the fuss the about? Well it might be the beautiful repeating smooth guitar riffs accompanying Brittany B-L-O-W-I-N-G out her singing. That woman has some powerful pipes on her. Or the fact that they were invited to open for Jack White. Or The Black Keys similarity.

Well how bout you have a listen and you tell me? Here is Hold On.

And yes, I do enjoy that she refers to herself in her own songs.



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