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Song of the day: Moody Mondays

Hello kids,

So I know it’s a Monday and you are feeling moody. So to match it I’m giving you moody music. Their name is Polica, or Poliça to be completely correct.  And the sound reminds me of a broody morning awakening.

So what’s the deal with the name? Well apparently Polica means policy in Polish, but the group is from Minnesota. So apparently it refers to their work ethic…so ya.

More interestingly, this band caught my ear when I heard Justin Vernon (aka my obsession) from Bon Iver said that: “They’re the best band I’ve ever heard“. That ladies and gentlemen, is a pretty f*cking huge compliment to get, just after he won Best New Artist last year at the Grammys. And the enthusiasm seems to have been shared by fellow band member of Bon Iver, Mike Noyce, who is featured on their single Lay Your Cards Out.

There’s something hypnotizing about this black and white video with repeating lyrics and instrumental.


What do you think?

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