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My Way In: Finding My Way

Hello MasMusic readers,

So as I promised, I would not only be sharing musical recommendation and content but I would also tell you my journey of chasing my dream. So I created this new section MY WAY IN to tell my journey of making it (or not) into the music industry. I’ll do my best to break it down in small digestible part – but I’m really a rambler at heart. I hope you enjoy my story.

I was born in France to a French father and an Italian mother. I lived all around France until the age of 9 at which point I moved to South Africa. After 10 years of schooling in Johannesburg, I moved to Cape Town for University. At the end of my studies I took a 6 months break, living in Rome, and then moved to Geneva to start working. And that’s the short version. So let’s say I have a bit of nationality identity crisis.

Growing up I had many interests (understanding people, learning to play the piano, violin, dancing, singing, acting and directing theatre, events organizing, teaching) most of which I did for several years as hobbies, on and off, but not one that felt like my calling. So I never really focused or developed any of them. Mathematics also came very naturally to me, and since this is a more respected and nurtured talent in the society of today, I did what most lost students do: I studied business (finance and economics). That seemed rational, that seemed prestigious and it seemed safe.

Before I finished studying I was lucky enough to be recruited by a big FMCG company that offered to send me to Geneva at the end of my studies. And again that sounded rational, prestigious and even exciting, so I accepted. But quickly after I started working I started feeling unsatisfied. I was not buying the whole Big Corporate Myth (something I’ll elaborate on in another post). I knew that I wasn’t being true to myself, working in this company.

So to stay happy, and most importantly to feel like I was actually doing/achieving something, I started a side project. When you work you simply don’t have time for multiple hobbies so it forced me to focus on one: and that became music. First I started doing Song of the Day and then joining with other forces it became Indie Nation. The importance of the routine of starting each day with music I’ll also elaborate in another post.

So after I started knowing music content well, I started researching types of jobs in the industry. Working in the Music Industry by Anna Britten was really a great help.  Before reading this I had pictured myself as talent scout (A&R). But then as I read the last chapter of the book, something very special happened. I read a description of a job that was perfect for me. Absolutely perfect. From start to finish. Artist management. Why hadn’t I thought about it before? Maybe it is because it seemed too good of a job to be accessible to me. But no, it turned out there were even artist management small private companies that you could join as an assistant. This discovery ticked the big three things I really wanted:

  1. Work as closely as possible to the music (you don’t get closer unless you are the artist)
  2. Be on the side of the artist (as a talent scout you try make artist sign contracts in the best interest of the label not the artist) and be in the position to nurture music I believed in
  3. Work for a medium to small company (I have had it with big companies – at least for now)

And that was it. I realized how often at University I had wished and hoped to know what I wanted to become. How I had said to myself, if only I knew what I wanted to do – I would do it. And there it was; I had joined this privilege small group of people who did know.

So I had no choice left but to chase it with all my energy…


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