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Song of the day: Featuring Timshel

Hello songers,


It’s Featured Fridays and today I am very excited to share with you Timshel. Markus of the indie pop family Timshel from Vaasa in Finland wrote to me to share with me their music. So I am happily featuring them here so you may love it too.

So let’s tell you about them: Their sound is said to be American folk music with more modern indiepop and rock. Now I know that sounds like everything and anything, but classifying music is always a drag. What’s more interesting is why they refer to themselves as a family and not a band. That is because the members are currently spread out in 4 cities and 2 countries, which means that the set-ups change from show to show and they often have guest musicians and friends supporting them. That means that you never know the set up when coming to a Timshel show, and every show is different from the other.

Well that’s a pretty cool way of looking at it right? Yes I know what some of you are thinking – but that’s cheating! Then what is the true Timshel? And what if you want to hear exactly what’s in the recording? And how does that work practically? And who is actually in the band? And blah blah blah….Well if you are getting your panties in a twist, you must have been one of those annoying teacher’s pet who wanted to have a clear answer to everything so you could get it all right. Just take a chill pill.

I really appreciate that they love music so much, they find ways to make it work past logistical barriers and share it with people close to them who share the same appreciation for music, as often as possible. And cool people come along to watch it.

Right now they are planning to start recording their début album in the fall, and I cant wait to hear it. For now if you are Scandinavia  look out for them because they are planning a mini tour.

Here is one of my favourites: It Will Be Around

If you enjoyed that have a look here for more music or their Facebook and Bandcamp.

Onnea/Lycka till boys!

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