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Song of the day: Everything we touch turns into gold

Goooood Monday Morning,

Yes I know its hard. So just to ease you into the week I’m going to give you a very easily pleasurable tune. The very best of electro pop.

kate boy

So the name is Kate Boy and its a fun simple summation. You have Australian singer-songwriter Kate Akhurst + Swedish production trio Rocket Boy = voila, Kate Boy . And together they managed to do something quite impressive. A sound that is commercially pleasing yet complex, deep and yet very effective. Kate’s voice is at first introduced with some deep beats to get you going, then slowly a more and more complex mix gets added. And it continues, Kate having a turn, then the mix and slowly merging into one. And it builds till the end switching between sharp cutting sounds to bring the song to an end. Beautiful.

There is something upbeat yet calm. Something simple yet glamorous about it.
And with all the press it has gotten it seems they are indeed turning into gold.

Here is Northern Lights:

Their debut EP came out in Sweden last week released by IAMSOUND, and next is the UK on 11 Mar. But we hope to hear a lot more from them soon.


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  1. Video is another thing worth mentioning!

  2. Nice Song. Btw, what do you mean with “yes I know it’s hard” – how would you know? Do you even call it Monday any more? 😉


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