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Song of the day: Gather and unite Indie fans – The New Strokes Song

Hello songers,

So there is a lot of oohing and aaahing about what is indie? Who is indie? and other such fights amongst indie-self proclaimed fans. But so far I have hardly ever argued on the fact that The Strokes are an iconic indie band (note: not saying the most important, relax).

So when on Friday The Strokes released their new single One Way Trigger on their site (download for free if you provide your email address) the indie fans united in taking notice. Now, ever since the much awaited release of the album Angles two years ago there has been a debate as to whether the music is as good as it was. For me Angles was a real grower and by now I have adapted to their new sound, so it only took me 2 listens to really get into this new song. Although there are plenty of people who disagree and don’t like it.

The song is very happy, jumpy, boopy and synthy – maybe more than the broody Strokes songs of the old days. Another shock is how the songs opens with nearly a minute of Julian’s school-boy falsetto. We are then reassured he still has his beautifully hangover dark moody voice on ‘you asked me to stay/ but there’s a million reasons to leave’, only to be followed by some higher falsetto. But thank goodness that does lead in iconic Strokes guitar riff (otherwise some fans maybe have thrown the imaginary record across the room). There is no doubt it sounds like The Strokes, just more high pitched, popppy and synthy. Still, I like.

How bout you just a listen and let me know what you think of One Way Trigger


According to Pitchfork  there is another single going around named All the Time from their soon to be released unnamed fifth album – but it seems only Seattle’s 107.7 The End has had a listen. Keep an ear out.


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