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Song of the Day: I spy with my little eye

Hello kids,

So you may remember last week’s featured indie pop family Timshel – well I was going through their blog and each member did a top 5 of 2012. I skimmed through and recognized most names but I had never heard of one on Patrick’s list: Mikhael Paskalev.

Mikhael Paskalev

And what a fun discovery. Mikhael is a singer songwriter from Norway with half Bulgarian blood. He makes really fun folky rocky popy beats that get stuck in your head. He is also crazy. He released his first EP last year with two particularly catchy songs that became hugely popular all over Scandinavia last summer. In other words he did a Peter, Bjorn and John.

So with the two singles came to very popular video. You have a Tarantino-style-girl-dominatrix-burns-Mikhael-to-death video for Jive Babe. And she really is a babe.

But since I am one to easily get nightmares, I much prefer this Tom-Cruise-in-Risky-Business style video for I spy.

Personally I am always going to be a fan of pantsless dancing around your living room while destroying your Ikea furniture.
It’s a keeper.



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