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My Way In: Invest (irrationally) every day into finding your way

Following from last week’s post about breaking up with your company….

Many people tell me that if they only knew what they were passionate about in terms of a job – they would do it. They just don’t know what it is. Some friends tell me they envy me because for me, it was so clear. Although my newer friends don’t believe it, music wasn’t such a clear choice for me. There were several things I really liked as hobbies but none I really invested in and none that I felt was my particular talent so none that I saw as a job path.

So I took the safe route and decided to do finance. But very fast I realized it wasn’t going to fulfil me. So I started looking into something that could motivate me because my job didn’t. And I think that is key – INVESTING EVERYDAY INTO FINDING YOUR WAY. And I can’t lie and say that was how Song of the Day was born. It was born because I wanted to introduce my friends to some good music so they would come with me to concerts. But I think the reason why I continued to do it every day for over 2 years and why I kept expanding and developing the music project, is because I realized it was more than a project.

It was the act of investing what many people saw as irrational time, into something I loved, in the hope that it may turn into something bigger one day, that got me here. And by starting each day with it, I made it a habit that survived the test of time. So many people tended to say: how do you find the time? And the answer is pretty simple – you make the time. Some claimed their job as so important and busy they wouldn’t have the time. However we all know how efficient we can be when we are under a tight deadline and also how inefficiently we can waste a day away. I just decided to see it as an investment into finding a job that fulfils me rather than irrational or inefficient even if it didn’t get me a pay rise or a promotion. Plus it put me in a good mood at the start of every day because I started it with something I loved.

The funny thing is after I handed in my resignation and I read this article What Successful People Do With The First Hour Of Their Work Day – it really hit me that I had been doing a version of my own ‘Power Hour’ without realizing it.

So my message to the people who are not happy in their job, but also don’t know what is an alternative is this:

– Start your day, every day, if only for 15 minutes investing into something you like or love
– Something that may turn into something bigger
– See how naturally that 15 minutes will grow
– If it is not bringing you satisfaction, try something else but be wary that things take time – think of how long you put into your university before it paid off
– Become an expert at your topic – knowing details helps gives you the confidence to jump
– Talk to people about your passion – this will help you discover other areas you hadn’t thought about, it will help you network and it will create opportunities to develop it

At the start you will only see things in one dimension – I like music but I don’t want to be a musician; I like art but I don’t want to be an artist. But only when you dig into the subject do you realize there are many opportunities you had no idea existed. That was exactly how I felt about Artist Management – had a rough idea it existed but no idea how to get it or what it took – until I read up about it. The more you learn about something you like, the more you will start to love it, and the more you will find opportunities or creative ideas into making it your job. But first you need to invest into finding out how.

So start tomorrow morning – start your day reading about something you really like. And who knows what you may find.


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