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Song of the day: Every Night I Ask Myself – Am I Loving Enough

Hello songers,

So you kids with really good memories will remember that a long time ago I introduced you to Local Natives by giving you Airplanes off their 2009 Gorilla Manor. Well the indie rock band from LA  often compared to Fleet Foxes and Grizzly Bear finally decided (after loosing bassist Andy Hamm in 2011) to come back and record another album. So Hummingbird was released last month.

But there was not only the loss of a band member to get through but also the mournful loss of lead vocalist Kelcey Ayer’s mother who passed away last summer. Hence the album has replaced its careless, young and happy sounds of their first album with a darker more broody album. All still wonderfully original and powerful. Some credit for sure is to go to The National’s Aaron Dessner who offered to help both produce and write some of the material after they had toured together. You can hear the help of another iconic band Arcade Fire who they also toured with – especially in Breakers.

The most powerful and heart wrenching song which has been highly praised is Colombia.

The day after I had counted down all of your breaths, 
Down until there
Were none, were none, were none, were none. 
A hummingbird crashed right in front of me 
And I understood all it did for us 
You gave and gave and gave and gave

Every night I ask myself, 
Am I giving enough? 
Am I?


What do you think?

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