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Song of the day: I waited for nothing and nothing arrived

Hello music people,

Well following yesterday’s post I am giving you Villagers (Conor O’Brien) second album Awayland – oh sorry {Awayland}.  If the name rings a bell it’s because I had previously praised Twenty Seven Strangers from his debut album Becoming a Jackal. The album was nominated for a Mecrury Prize – so quite the success. But with that comes the terrible second album syndrom. How to top that. To make it significantly more difficult Conor’s eldest sister passed away the same week as the release of the debut album – making it a very emotional time for him indeed.

I first heard of his new album via this great music blog Taken By Sound. I very much agree that the album is an emotional roller-coaster  One thing is clear, no one can blame him of copying a winning a formulae. This is drastically different from the first album – which was mainly guitar and poetic lyrics that were kept at medium to secret-telling levels. This new album has all types of new sounds and instruments added to it. Even some strange electronic beeping (The Waves). And each song sounds so contrasting to the other that you are not sure where you will go to next – but unfortunately not really done in a smooth transition. Overall critics are separated between those who still praise his poetic lyrics and beautiful vocals and those who find him trying too hard with clever sounding lyrics rather than clarity as well as disjointed sounds.

Whatever your feel there are still some beautiful songs in the album and my favourite is Nothing Arrived:

I waited for something
And something died
So I waited for nothing
And nothing arrived



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  1. I heard this song today and had to find out more, just struck a cord in me.


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