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Song of the day: Give me your eyes, I need sunshine

Hello my lovelies,

Well yes its the boy-dreaded/girl-anticipated Valentines Day. And of course you are expecting some lovely loving song from me to celebrate it. Of course I chose something a bit different. It’s not slow. It’s not a ballad. Yes that’s right not a ballad! In fact it has strong drums and clashing sounds and an electronic cutting unsettling sound. But the lyrics are gorgeous and the sound is heartbreaking and heart capturing at the same time.

The band is called Wolf Parade. I was surprised I have never given them out before. They are a Canadian indie rock band who started releasing album in 2003 and unfortunately announced they would stop making music last year. However their three albums are full of treasures and definite worth a lesson.

So without further ado here is the altogether freshly indie romantic I’ll Believe in Anything (I already do).

If I could take the fire out from the water
I’d take you where nobody knows you
And nobody gives a damn



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