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Song of the day: Manchester band inspired by South African evil spirits

Hello kids,

Well today I bring you a brand new band from Manchester. I was browsing around for some new music and I came across Tokolosh and that immediately caught my eye. As you should know by now, I lived in South Africa for a good 13 years and there a Tokolosh  is a dwarf-like evil water spirits that scares children and spread diseases and other bad such things. So when I heard it was a band of Brits I was rather shocked. I have no idea where they got the name from, nor do I know much more about them, apart from the fact they stole some members from The Whip and The Earlies apparently and are fronted by Liam Frost (which is another cool name).

But what I do know is I am a big fan of their single Shapeshifter and I am finding myself playing it on repeat.

Can’t wait to hear more from them soon.


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