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Song of the day: Wanna Know Ah Ah Ah

Hello songers,

So enough of this catching up thing, let’s give you some new talent today. His name is Dan Croll. Luckily for us, this close-to-pro rugby player got hit hard enough that he had to quit and turn to music instead. So off he went to Liverpool Institute for Performing Arts (LIPA) where he got all types of recognition including the approval of the founder Sir Paul McCartney  As one does. But not that we should get hyped about that, Dan never was a huge Beatles Fan he prefers Bon Iver. Did I mention I love this guy.

Dan Croll

Although very much British there is something Scandinavian about his press photos and also a bit of the Perks of Being a Walflower. So anyways his single and first EP From Nowhere got all types of attention as well as several remixes.

But that was sooooo September 2012. Here is a newer single (Nov 2012 yo!) and my favourite so far, Wanna Know, as it’s on the more electro side of his electro folk.

You cant help but thrust your neck back and forth to that Ah Ah AH.


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