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Song of the day: Thank God the Yeah Yeah Yeahs are back

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Hello kidos,

So I REALLY REALLY hope you know the Yeah Yeah Yeahs by now. And am I so FREAKING excited for their fourth album to come out after what felt like the longest 4 years of waiting. Just in time for the 10 year anniversary of Maps. I adore this indie rock band from NYC – they are my favourite girl headed band by a mile. Oh darling Karen O.

So the album is called Mosquito and is to be released on the 16th of April. And I couldn’t resist sharing with you the cover. yeah yeah yeah

Wow right? Well if you think that’s intense – wait for this Gospel-dominated mother-of-a-build-up tongue-in-cheek single of a Sacrilege  My my my. And what a welcoming sound to come back to – a Head’s will Roll feel right from the opening with some type of vox loop sound on darling Karen O’s amazing vocal chords.

Oh God I love this band!



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