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Song of the day: Looking in a 3D world

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Hello kidos,

So now that the sheer excitement of a new long-awaited Yeah Yeah Yeahs album is settling in, I have some more great news: Youth Lagoon launched their second album, Wondrous Bughouse, on Monday. Trevor Powers, was just 21 when he release his first album The Year of Hibernation two years ago – and we were all spell-bound by his delicate yet loud music. All songs start slow, soft and magical and all build up to a beautiful crescendo that forces you to play the music really loud in a big space or fast driving car as the sounds are spacious and need air and distance to fill.

I am glad to say all this magic has not been lost. The second album, although sounding like Trevor came closer to the microphone to produce it, has kept this spacious feeling and beautiful yet more disturbing build ups. You continue to feel that as the sounds exit your speakers they surround you and release a feeling of freedom and internal relaxation although the sounds are harsher and more complicated to the ear. I adore this band.

Here is the gorgeous and dramatic build up of a song: Mute 

I love the reviews who comment on the lyrics – I think it’s impossible to understand a thing without reading them.


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