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Song of the day: Ears ring and teeth click

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Hello kids,

So following from yesterday’s 4AD signed group Daughter, here is a record label pal: Purity Ring. If you were wondering Purity rings (also known as chastity rings, abstinence rings) are worn as a sign of chastity. The practice originated in the United States in the 1990s among Christian-affiliated sexual abstinence groups. Thanks Wiki.

That’s right. The Canadian electro duo seem to be more interested in bewitched arm breathing dogs/sheep?

purity ring


Ok enough silly talk. The music. Well electro is a great simplification really. There is a bit of future pop in there, lots of synth and voice distortions and I even hear a hip-hop feel in some of those instrumental breaks. Their début album Shrines, released last year and it all just flows into one strange poppy indie futuristic sound – with each song having a different angle on that theme. I love the album and the originality of the sound and I struggled like crazy to pick which song to give you.

For now I’ll settle on Ungirthed

What do you think?

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