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Song of the day: Push the sky away

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And so let’s feature someone! Today I feature my birthday song recommendation by my most respected musical friend Marco. This man makes me feel like I don’t know music. In a good way. Any who he sent me the title single from Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds. And luckily he did. I must admit that although the name rang several bells I had never done my homework and properly listened to them.

Well turns out its a rather big Australian band to skip. Push The Sky Away which was just released mid-Feb is their 15th album, and Nick’s 21st album (he was previously part of The Boys Next Door). I love the album cover.

Nick cave


The title track is very interesting. Firstly because its the most calm and sombre ‘call to action’ song I have heard in a while. Secondly because you really feel a lot of empty space in the music. I was trying to understand what that came from, then I realized there was no guitar. Turn out Mick Harvey, one of the founding members and guitarist, did not take part in this album. And this effect causes a lot of ‘air’ in the music.

Go ahead and have a listen: Push the Sky Away


The final verdict: to be honest I am not sure if it’s my style. But I try to push the limits of my musical taste and I always take a Marco-recommended album seriously.



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