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Song of the day: Gloves are off, the wisdom teeth are out

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Hello kids,

It’s Monday and you are feeling miserable but the good news is I have been keeping some wonderful secret from you for a whole week just so I could cheer you up with it today. Vampire Weekend released their first double  A-side single Monday last week from their third album Modern Vampires of the City which will be released on the 7th of May.

I adore Vampire Weekend, and have heavily abused both of their previous albums in the 3 year wait to this release. I’m happy to say that both the songs have the distinct Vampire Weekend feel – especially Step vs Diane Young. This has caused Step to be the critics favourite. It creates a more mature, cinematic, park strolling type of sound. It’s a beautiful progression from the introduction that was the self-title debut, to the fun and busy Contra, and now Modern Vampires of the City. Just like Contra seemed to have been set in India, Modern Vampires sounds like its set between medieval times and black and white films.

Why don’t you have a listen to both and let me know you’re verdict:


Diane Young


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