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Song of the day: You gotta find your way

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Hello kids,

I’m sorry for my long absence, I was busy with the small task of moving countries. I now live in London. Rather cool. More news to come on that soon on My Way In I promise.

So let’s celebrate the return of your favourite jam with something a lil different than usual. This sits more on the house side of my musical spectrum, but none the less wherever I look at the moment this strange name Mount Kimbie stares back at me. So wanting to know more about this attention attack I found out it’s because this British electro duo is releasing their second album Cold Spring Fault Less Youth (kudos on the title) at the end of next month and their PR people are doing a good job of putting that on my radar. Whoever you are working with – give me their number please.

Anyways, one listen to the single release and it’s well worth it – this is not my type of music but I can appreciate this song is awesome. Here is Made to Stray

Now I hope you are grooving in your seats

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