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Song of the day: I am secretly in love with everyone that I grew up with

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Hello kidos,

Sorry for my absence yesterday – I was at the BBC radios helping out on a band interview – more about that soon!

So right up there with my iconic obsession with Bon Iver and The XX are nothing short of godly: The National. The National will be releasing their sixth album called Trouble Will Find Me on May the 20th. Quite the challenge after the hugely successful High Violet. But the band sees the breakout success of their last album a relief vs. pressure. They claim they feel they no longer need to prove themselves and now they can focus on just the music. It’s just surprising that it took them that long to come to this realization – being kings in the alternative music scene for several albums now.

They have released their first single Demons, and just one listen gives me the comfort to know that the magic is still there. What is the magic? Well for one, each song has the most amazingly poetic lyrics without fail, who capture the essence of being human in a genuine and powerful way. Then there is the voice that sings it, Matt Bernings, whose dark baritone range matches those of the lyrics. Add some brilliant instrumental, that gets you stuck between totally calm and needing to jump out of your body. Some good old melancholy. Stir it all up. And there you go: The National’s magic.

So how bout you have a listen and let me know if you agree?

If you are hungry for more, Pitchfork filmed them playing three more songs of the new album at their recent gig in Berlin. Check it out here


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