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Song of the day: Triangles are so in

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Hello songers,

Following from yesterday’s post – if you live in London and are a big The National fan. Act quick for the pre-sale tickets here! I’ve got tickets – hope to see you there. If they are sold out when you click, the tickets go on sale to wider public in 2 days. So try then.

Now onto our new band. Yesterday looking at Koko gigs I found a newish band called Pyyramids. That ‘a’ needs to be a triangle (yes another one alongst with Bastille and others). So who are they?, I hear you asking. Well remember gods of the awesome music video Ok Go? Well steal their bassist Tim Nordwind and then we add  He Say, She Say vocalist Drea Smith – and tada PYYRA*TRIANGLE*MIDS! The two of them started about their love for British post-punk bands from the 80s and next thing you know their mutual appreciations gets all muddled up into a release of an album. Rather awesome.

They just released their album Brightest Darkest Day on Tuesday and a new video for their single Paper Doll.

I like the sound of it so I’ll be going to Koko to check it out loud. Come along!



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