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Song of the day: The Mispers

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Hello kids,

Well how bout we start today with a brand new spanking band and discovery. Their name is The Mispers – and if you haven’t heard of them you will be forgiven as they have just started out. They are young bunch of friendly looking gang from London.

I discovered them through this untitled song session at the Lightship95 that immediately caught my ear. Haven’t found much more material on them but hoping to hear much more soon. Its a mix of lovely folky indie music with some good life into it reminding me a bit of The Maccabees.

The voice hits you from second 1, the trembling vulnerability and wonderfully odd tone that is often harmonized with the help of two other voices to create light and shade. And there is something really nice and fresh about the use of the violin, a new way of accenting notes almost as a base guitar would. There is also something fresh about the structure of the song, how it picks up without picking up and slows down without really calming.

All in all, fingers crossed for an album soon.


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  1. Amazing. I would pay multiple times for this song… and then some.

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