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Song of the day: I’m counting on the idea that you’ll stay

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Hello songers,

By now you know me right. True indier at heart a slight tilt to indie electro, tickled by some indie folk and yet still thigh deep in the original indie rock. But every now and again a tune will hit me completely left side and surpasses all musical genre to just be plain f@cking great.

His stage name is Autre Ne Veut. And rule number one is don’t listen to his music on a shitty sound system or G@d forbid on those sinful  apple earphones (the devil of all devils, they are worst than Nicki Minaj for music). I have been blasting them through my bigbabies.

Anyways so the choral sound in the intro is a good way of opening you up to some heavenly song and then brakes this pure feeling with some absolutely desperate shrills and sounds. It’s a song that enters you, helps your heart to beat along and yet disturbs you and unites you at the same time. No wonder he chose the famous picture of Edvard Munch, The Scream for the cover of his single Counting (which then had to be removed for some copyright issues). Both shocking you with the misery and touching you with the beauty at the same time.

Yes there is rapping in this song. Yes this it’s some type R&B lo-fi. And still, I love it.



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  1. yep yep.

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