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Song of the day: Now that I got you in my space, I won’t let go of you

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Hello kids,

So today I am back with some very cool electro. I’m very funny about electro music, its either a total hit or miss. And this is a spot on HIT. The first time I heard this was at New Years, and immediately I love the song, but it’s only yesterday when I heard it again that I managed to Shazam it (THANK YOU MUSICAL GODS FOR SHAZAM!).

So their name is Disclosure, an they are two brothers Guy and Howard who are 22 and 19 (madness) from the UK. They started releasing music in 2011 and started getting some serious attention last year when they toured with SBTRKT and Hot Chip.

Well here is their song Latch, which is all about the electrifying sexual tension of undeniable chemistry. If the words are not enough to get you heated up, the video will do the trick.

We await the 3 of June for the release of their debut album Settle.


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  1. Boom! Now that I know that you like this, I will send you some more tunes!


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