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Song of the day: I could never love you, in spite of everything

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Hello kids,

So as the build up to the new Vampire Weekend album Modern Vampires of the City continues to grow they decided to throw a third song release in the mix. They have released it accompanied by a lyrical video of whole bunch of people clad in white sheets on a rooftop opening champagne bottles and spraying them around (which is a slightly disturbing visual for me, once having had this done in my flat spraying all my things and guests).

Although traditionally this is a symbol of celebrating happy moments there are rather depressive lyrics thrown on the screen about no one loving you, no matter how much you love everything. Oh well you got to love Vampire’s play with irony and gutsy title choice: Ya hey – only the reverse of the popular Hey ya. And the finale that goes from squeaky rubbery toys sounds to a grand almost church music ending. Oh I love these guys. Just a few more days.

So Ya Hey away



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