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Festival Review: The Great Escape // Brighton, England // 17 May 2013 // Day 2: Andreya Triana, MØ, almost the Allah-Las and Mikal Cronin

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Ok so following from our last post, here is Day 2 of The Great Escape.

The day kicked off again by Chris Cooke of CMU who again wrapped up the changes in the music industry but taking an angle on what it means for artist and artist manager. He then did a panel with, amongst others, Brian Message (of ATC management also known as my idol) and Paul Hitchman (of the just released Kobalt Label services). Brian started by echoing Chris’ enthusiasm for the opportunities that are created due to the industry being in a state of flux and how this allows creativity and brilliance to float to the top. Him and Paul then discussed the successful launch of Nick Cave’s latest album. Exciting time for any creative entrepreneurs – amen to that.

photo 1

The rest of the day continued to focus on marketing services available to artist, how blogs fit into marketing for bands, tips on how to get gigs. Other highlight was the launch of Music Glue (DTC for music, merchandise and tickets) and Momentum Music Fund (funding for new artists).

Then after a very kind invite to a music industry dinner where I met many very friendly key players in the industry we moved on (a little late) to some more gigs.

First up was Andreya Triana who lives in Brighton so gathered a rather packed audience in Audio. With her up on stage alone with no instrument backing all focus was obviously on her voice – which of course is superb. The best description to me would be grated honey. There is beautiful contrast in the tone of it.

Then off we went to the Queen’s Hotel to catch , who I wrote about last week. It was pity she played in such an awkward venue (the basement of a hotel) because she really tried to create a tremendous atmosphere – dancing like crazy and throwing her self on the floor and all that jazz. To me it was slightly awkward in that environment. None the less she was brilliant. However my angle of the stage was less than ideal for photo taking.

photo 3

Then I headed to the Dome Studio to watch the Allah-Las. This was possibly the saddest part of the festival, because even being 30 minutes early I only got in as they finished the set. I was sad to say the least but it turned out to be a good thing as landed up sticking around for Mikal Cronin who were the find of the night.  What energy and wonderful sound. Mikal is the songwriter and singer but he has a whole band playing with him and they rocked me into jumping for 30 minutes straight. It reminded me a lot of Best Coast – it has that Americana west coast feel – they key sound is actually the drums (which for once was played by a lady!). His second album is called MCII and was released just this month. I can highly recommend.

photo 4

The queue for the Klaxons was never ending so we retreated to the Queens Hotel for some more networking.
And that was the end of Day 2.

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