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Song of the day: I’m only looking out for you

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Hello kids,

So carrying on from the last post, if there is a new band whose name I have heard repeatedly the last few weeks it would be : Catfish and the Bottlemen. Not least of all because they are managed by the famous ATC Management or signed to Communion Records – both highly respected companies. The four boys are from Llandudno, England – which was a new discovery because up until now I thought that was exclusively a beach in Cape Town that I hated to spell out in texts. But hey, you live you learn.

It’s all very black and white. It’s all very front men centred. I like the beautiful breaks between the intensely explosive rock moments. Just like their photography they understand the importance of contrast. They are a proper good old rock band and it’s quite lovely to have a fresh sound of that.

So here is their new single HomesickĀ – out on the 17th of this month.

Going to put my bets behind these guys.


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