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Song of the day: Whitley’s resurrection

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Hello songers,

So it’s Featured Fridays. As a blogger, putting time behind the pure goal of sharing your passion, at times you are tempted to stop and call it a day. Faith would have it that just as that feeling overtakes you a gift will land in your lap that compels you to carry on. Dew Process Recordings writing to me about Whitley was one of these gifts.


Whitley born Lawrence Greenwood took a break after releasing two albums. He needed it. Too much gigging and over reading the press pushed him to South America for backpack trip escape. Finally, one lovely night, drunk on sun and spirits he called his label to let them know he was ready for a third shot. Email check the next morning and a flight to London made the blurry action very concrete. And so the search for a place to record started: Chile, The Netherlands, and even a few roads away from me in London were all plagued by a bad luck until he found success in Tuscany.

The natural beauty and wholesomeness of this magical Italian region clearly had an impact on Whitley as it oozes out of his music. The instrumental stream along full of air and peaceful space. Lawrence’s voice matches this serenity and adds heartbreak in the first single My Heart is Not a Machine. 

He is now back home in Australia on tour for the launch of  his new album Even The Stars Are A Mess which comes out on 9th of July. Thank goodness for Tuscany.


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