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Song of the day: Introducing The Nyco Project

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Hello kids,

Well today I have been sent another epic find. They are The Nyco Project, a psychedelic indie rock band from London. A quick click on a soundcloud link opens to a wonderful bluesy male voice declaring  “my lover told me, I’m insane” simple but effective guitar grows with the help of tambourine and then drum and then a gorgeous female accompaniment. And all I can think is White Stripes or The Kills? But either way I’m sold. The band states influences from the Velvet Underground (which may explain the name?) which are not a far off claim.

I’m rather happy that this is the simple way I fell onto this band – because the music caught my attention first. However the band decided to take creativity to another level and with the help of  the Arts Council’s ‘Grant they released their debut EP The New Machine , both in the traditional form but also as an audiovisual app.

‘The New Machine’ app (available on itunes and google store for free) is quite the fun thing to play with on the tube. Each song is presented as a collage of several videos – each video has one of the band member playing a single instrument or singing in isolation and it all mergers to form the song. You can then interact with each window muting it or listening to it on solo or finding more info about the performance. It’s really a very original way to put an emphasis on live recording. That being put aside – if the music wasn’t so good I might think its was a bit kitsch. But since the songs are great it’s a very creative way to stick out of the crowd in an original way.

So download the app and have something to play with. But at the very least listen to Fade Away.

OOOOOH its great.



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