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Song of the day: Hunger, hunger is the purest sin

Hello kids,

Well I have decided to stop making statements of being back and apologies for being away. I will just go ahead and write when I can and unfortunately this will not be as consistent as you may have come to rely on it for the last two years. But hopefully you will still find some musical gems nonetheless.

Susanne Sundfør is someone I have had in my radar for some time (CMU are particularly big fans) but never got around to actually having a good listen to – until last week. Not just her name give away her Norwegian origins, but you can here the Nordic influences in her sound (think Agnes Obel meets First Aid Kit).  These Nordic ladies all have the same high pitch slightly airy slightly spooky sound – but in a good way.

Her latest album released last year,The Silicone Veil, holds the master piece that is White Foxes. Probably her most electronic track to date, Susanne’s voice almost transforms to match the tone in the synthesisers used. Although very piercing the sound is quite hypnotic in its hight pitch tone.

She is quickly growing from strength to strength and there is no doubt about why.


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