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Song of the day: Blaenavon is where the heart is

Hello kids,

So I came to know of Blaenavon through their manager. It didnt take me long to know to conclude I loved the sound but it did take a couple of listens to get to the bottom of it all. The boys are very talented; they had already written +50 songs by the age of 14. And we not talking bah bah black sheep 3 chords material.

Their first single Into The Night, which they released in March this year, is very WU LYF meets Wild Beasts – with wonderful deep growing and bubbling melody and bass lines that almost fight each other.

I also wanted to include their Mahogany Session they have just done because it shows a slightly different side to them – or it only exaggerates how incredibly beautifully complex Ben’s voice is. I don’t know why but I want them to do a song with Kill It Kid.



What do you think?

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