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Song of the day: What A Shame

Hello kids,

Yesterday I met the manager of The Strypes (and another major music icon) and I was ashamed not to have covered this hot buzzing new band. These Irish kids (literally kids, we talking 15-17 years old) from Cavan wowed everyone by self-producing and released a blues cover EP last year that surprisingly went to No1 in the Blues Itunes Chart. The labels came running shortly afterwards, and after a little war (which is not common these days), they signed to Mercury Records and also Rocket Music Management (owned by Sir Elton John who also popped by a gig in Brighton to see what all the fuss was about).

I must admit my first reaction watching their video, I found them…adorable. Not only are they young, but they look younger. And all dressed up in suits and glasses (The Beatles comparison is done on purpose – huge fans) it kind of reminds me of a little girl wearing her mother’s heels and make up. But then Ross Farrely (who is still finishing school) belts out a great big rock voice – and the rest of the troop follows solid and uber fast on their instruments – and you go wooooah, this is for real. These are no ordinary teenagers. And they are not – their influences are big blues stars of the 60s whose sound they tried to replicate from the age of 14 in their rooms – is not your typical instagraming-obsessed teenager.

Now let us see how they deal with the roar of buzz going around them at such an early and fragile state of their career.  Please just do me a favour and do not use the title ‘the new band to come and save good old rock’n’roll music’ – cause I’ve heard that about 100 bands in the last two years.
Here is What A Shame.



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