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This is a music blog with a dream.

My dream is to become an Artist Manager for a small indie/alternative band. A band that my ear truly believes in and with my help will achieve the success they deserve. Now, how I got to to the certainty that I will do everything in my power to achieve this, is a little bit of a round about way.

Up until a few months ago I was Miss Finance Career 101 at a multi-national in Geneva. Shortly after I arrived, I started a side music project, to keep me from bashing my head against any random hard surface in proximity due to my lack of satisfaction from working in Finance. I loved the music project so much I researched the industry up side down and when I read up on artist management it screamed at me: this is you in a box! I believe that if you are blessed enough to figure out what you would absolutely ADORE to do, at this point, the only choice you have is to go out and fight like mad for it. Anyway it’s a well known fact that I am crazy to begin with. So I quit my job a month ago and took the jump. And I can tell you it feels even better than playing your favourite song on repeat really really really loud and dancing like an idiot.

I am here to share with you my  journey. I will try not hammer you with clichés advice like follow your dream, and do what you love. I imagine all of you who are not currently loving what you are doing, know all the theory. If not it would be silly for me to explain it when I could not do a better job than the master himself. What I will instead offer is myself as a non-famous-ordinary-girl-with-nothing-more-than-big-hair example that you can follow on her daily journey of breaking into the music industry. All this through a music meets personal blog.

This blog will not contain every album review or bring you the hottest hit before they are released. I will simply try to continue what I did for the past 2 years now – share the music that I love in an easily digestible way and try to influence/educate more people about indie/alternative music as I have with Song of the day and as The Liberation.

So that means: daily song recommendation, concert reviews, events recommendation, monthly playlists and hopefully soon to come more DJ events like I use to do. And I’ll throw around my personal journey and some industry tips here and there. Think of me as a music Robin Hood, stealing attention from the commercially rich (and bimbo-ish) and giving to the poor (and talented). That’s the mission at least. Because with a shrinking MUSIC industry there’s just too much money going here:

Now let’s just hope it works out. Either way, I can say I gave it my best shot.

About MasMusic:

Claire Mas is a French/Italian music enthusiast who spent the better half of her life in South Africa. In her early twenties she found herself in Geneva working for a Consumer Good Company as a Financial Analyst and after two enriching years quit her job and is busy planning her move to London to live out her dream.

For more info please contact at:


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