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Song of the day: Whitley’s resurrection

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Hello songers,

So it’s Featured Fridays. As a blogger, putting time behind the pure goal of sharing your passion, at times you are tempted to stop and call it a day. Faith would have it that just as that feeling overtakes you a gift will land in your lap that compels you to carry on. Dew Process Recordings writing to me about Whitley was one of these gifts.


Whitley born Lawrence Greenwood took a break after releasing two albums. He needed it. Too much gigging and over reading the press pushed him to South America for backpack trip escape. Finally, one lovely night, drunk on sun and spirits he called his label to let them know he was ready for a third shot. Email check the next morning and a flight to London made the blurry action very concrete. And so the search for a place to record started: Chile, The Netherlands, and even a few roads away from me in London were all plagued by a bad luck until he found success in Tuscany.

The natural beauty and wholesomeness of this magical Italian region clearly had an impact on Whitley as it oozes out of his music. The instrumental stream along full of air and peaceful space. Lawrence’s voice matches this serenity and adds heartbreak in the first single My Heart is Not a Machine. 

He is now back home in Australia on tour for the launch of  his new album Even The Stars Are A Mess which comes out on 9th of July. Thank goodness for Tuscany.


Song of the Day: Well, at least you should try

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Hello kids,

So today is Featured Friday and our lovely song recommendation comes once again from Alex. He’s got us a bloody fantastic band. Their name is Keep Shelly in Athens. Which is a rather cool name and gets you guessing Shelly may be the name of the singer. But no you would be wrong (her name is Sarah), it is actually a play on words  a neighbourhood of Athens called Kysepli. Well isn’t that smart. Thank you Wiki.

This electro dream popy duo are in fact from Athens and have been releasing music since 2012. I give you a wonderful song of their latest album Our Own Dream. 

This one is called DIY

Thank you Alex!


Song of the day: Musique Le Pop

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Hello kids,

So today is Featured Friday and I am happy to present to you Musique Le Pop. This lovely little trio wrote to me from Norway. Their story? Well the band spontaneously formed when Chris heard Betty singing the line Time Changes on repeat while applying blush to her rosy cheeks. Next thing you know, bing, bong, bang, 2 hours of home recording and you have a song. Chris sent to Jon to add the final touches. And there you go you have a successful debut single. Single on speed.

The guys are in the mist of recording a full album and have now released two more singles from it We Can Be Good and Turn the Sand. Both electro pop samples take a different side of the coin, with Turn To Sound more a more synthy anthem and We Can be Good being a whole lot of fun.

I wish you all the best

Song of the day: Love in Berlin

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Hello kids,

Today is Featured Fridays, and today our track comes recommended from another very musical friend, Awesome Alex from Greece.

He introduces us to Still Corners. It’s another very successful girl/guy duo (just like yesterday) this time from London. This time the ingredients are producer/songwriter Greg Hughes and vocalist Tessa Murray. They will release their second album through Sub-Pop called Strange Pleasures on 6th of May and one listen of their single and its clear we are going to love it.

It’s called Berlin Lovers

You got to love the dreamy voice on top of the spacey synth that gives you some 80’s hypnotic feel.

Song of the day: WIFE

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Hello songers,

Well guess what its FEATURED FRIDAYS yet again. Today our suggestion comes from the darling Dan who gave us the wonderful new WIFE. Not only is James Kelly not a married woman but rather a 25 year old multi instrumentalist of a young lad – he also broke away from being known as the writer and band member black metal Altar of Plagues by reinventing a dark but much more electronic space sound.

This music videos managed to creep me out properly. So for you to enjoy, here is the sorcery themed video to Bodies.

Song of the day: Belgium loving

Hello kids,

So today is Featured Fridays. Where I either feature a lovely artist that wrote to me or a lovely song recommendation from one you readers. Today’s feature comes from no stronger, none other than Belgium bouncing Dries. He has really opened my eyes to how such a small country has produced such a huge amount of musical talent.

Here is another great example of this – Trixie Whitley. To be fair although born in Ghent it seems she is rather a citizen of the world then truly a beer brewing Belgium  From the age of nine not only did she split her time between Belgium and New York she also started touring the whole of Europe at age 11 either performing theatre, DJing or dancing.

Whatever she is – she is multi-talented and hugely soulful. You hear her wrench her heart out in this love declaration of a song: Need your love.

Would love to hear recommendations from you – what song is stuck on repeat in your player?


Song of the day: Mojo My Mofo

Hello kids,

Well big thank you for those of you who came last night it was really fun to DJ again. So as it is Featured Friday today I am giving you a track I featured last night in my DJ set that got every body jumping. It’s also featured cause I got several lovely music lovers recommending me this band.

His name is Parov Stelar when he performs solo as a DJ or Parov Stelar Band when well, its pretty self explanatory.  They are a huge deal in Austria and for good reasons. His electroswing music, well it just makes you want to GROOOVE. And last night this song exploded on the dance floor (as always I was probably the most energetic of the crowd but oh well).

Here is The Mojo Radio Gang

The only question I ask myself is WHY or WHY is this song not longer – this deserves at least 6 minutes.

Also it’s quite similar to Caravan Palace I gave out the other day, so if his eight albums leave you wanting more go check them out also.