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500 days of Song of the Day

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Today I celebrate 500 days of song of the day. And well I guess that’s quite something. As a lovely friend proclaimed last night – that’s almost a million. And well I guess it is, almost.

So I have been racking my brain about what on earth I should do to celebrate this momentous occasion. And well I just thought I’d tell you the story.

I was always a music fanatic. When I moved to Geneva from South Africa, to start working in Finance, I was beyond excited to finally have concerts within my geographical reach.

I’ll never forget how after just two weeks of my arrival I nearly hyperventilated when I heard that The National (whose new album I am listening to while I write this) were playing just 45 minutes away.

I got my hands on the new arrivals email list compromising of easily 200 people and wrote an ecstatic message asking who would come with me to the concert. Not a single reply. Not one. In fact when I mentioned indie music people either didn’t know what it was or thought I meant Indian music. This scenario repeated itself more than once.

Out of pure desperation I decided to do something about it. I learnt from my past failed attempts of inspiring fellow friends by smothering them with 3 tons of must listen to music. Instead I started emailing new selected friends a song a day – the basics of indie music I use to say– every morning. Half for the love of spreading music, half to get a concert companion.

Those few email subscribers became ten, that became 40 that became +100. Song of the Day started becoming the reason I could get through my day at work. I started a music collaboration project. I turned the mailing list into a blog. As the view ship grew and we started throwing our own indie music parties. This went on for over two years.

And then I quit my job. I moved countries, changed industries. I started this new blog to tell the story. And now I am in London working in the music industry. And I look back and think – wow. It started with a song a day and stupid amount of passion. And the wonderful people who put up with it and supported me.

And so this is every song (or nearly – some are not Spotify friendly) that I have ever given out. All Song of the days ever.
A music road map to making my dreams come true.

If you have a passion, work at it every day and maybe one day you’ll have the privilege in loving what you do.


Song of the Day April 2013 Playlist

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Hello kids,

So this month’s playlist is a bit short of songs, with holidays, and business and Spotify not being updated with the latest releases (e.g. no cover of Get Lucky by Daughter and no new The National material). But it’s still a nice little Spotify playlist none the less.

Here you go: 04.13 MasMusic’s Song of the Day

Song of the Day March 2013 Playlist

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Hello music darlings,

I wish you all a wonderful chocolate-filled Easter weekend. If you’d like to enjoy the holiday with a great soundtrack in the background well I got you sorted. Here are your March Song of the Day’s all in a pretty Spotify playlist: 03.13 MasMusic’s Song of the Day

Happy Easter!

Song of the Day February 2013 Playlist

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Hello kidos,

Well romantic February has flown past and I hope you have enjoyed the tunes. If you have and want to recap, or if you want missed some and want to do a quick catch up here is your monthly Spotify playlist.

I had to do some swaps when the latest singles were not yet available on Spotify.

Song of the Day Monthly Playlist

Hello kids,

So it’s a new month and as promised I will provide you with a monthly Song of the Day playlist. It’s handy if you want to recap on the beautiful gems of songs I gave to you in January.

So here is the Spotify list 01.13 MasMusic’s Song of the Day

There’s plenty where that came from.

Some Pretty Cool Song Of The Days From 2012

Hello kids,

So firstly as promised I will be continuing to add my song of the day to a Spotfiy playlist. But after the overwhelming size of the first 300 songs (1-300 MasMusic’s Song of the Day) and still rather large 100 to follow (301-400 MasMusic’s Song of the Day) I have decided to split the playlists monthly. So sorry for the delay, but as I said there was no internet in South Africa. Here is your December playlist:

And secondly you may remember my bitch about the impossibility of ranking songs and making ‘top/best’ playlists.Well my wonderful friends asked me to get over myself and get them a lovely playlist they can listen to remember the great musical moments of 2012. So I did. But not to have nightmares about the beautiful songs and artists I may have left out I named it Some pretty cool song of the days from 2012

It goes something like this:

Alt-j – Something Good
Arctic Monkeys – R U Mine?
Asaf Avidan & the Mojos – One Day/ Reckoning Song (Wankelmut Remix)
Bat for Lashes – Laura
Beach House – The Hours
C2c- Down The Road
Cat Power – Ruin
Citizens! – She Said
Daughter – Youth
Django Django – Default
Dum Dum Girls – Lord Knows
Father John Misty – Hollywood Forever Cemetery Sings
Grimes – Oblivion
Haim – Forever
Hot Chip – Flutes
Labyrinth Ear – Humble Bones
Lana Del Rey – Radio
M83 – Midnight City
Major Lazor – Get Free ft Amber of the Dirty Projectors
Miike Snow – Paddling Out
The Neighbourhood – Sweater Weather
Of Monsters & Men – Little Talk
Peace – 1998 (Delicious)
Ra Ra Riot – Beta Love
Sam Sparro – Happiness the Magician Remix
Tailor – Wolf
Tame Impala – Why Won’t You Talk To Me?
Van She – Idea of Happiness
The XX – Reunion
Years & Years – I Wish I knew

Enjoy your tunes

300 Days Celebration – The Ultimate Playlist

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Dear song of the dayers,

Today we celebrate 300 days of Song of the Day. And so we double this up with our April Monthly Jam Playlist.

Time does fly by. So over these past 300 days I have given you over 300 songs, over 230 artists, to over 80 of you that are on the mailing list.

But then of course this also gave way to The Liberation by Indie Nation where we now share the songs with many more people over Facebook, Twitter and of course the website.

So over the last few months I have been asked a couple of times for a more convenient way to jam to all the jams I give out every day.

And I was planning on making a playlist, but one of my kindest, most dedicated followers Bernd beat me to it. He put every song I have ever given him (and yes he has been there since day 1) into a Spotify playlist for me.

And so now I can give you the ultimate music gift.

MasMusic’s Song of the Day.  Or here

300 days of tunes.

If you don’t have spotify – download it now. It is by far the most efficient, complete and user friendly music streaming engine out there. And now as it expands its free membership (including Switzerland) to more countries. You really have no excuse.

So enjoy the 21 hours of music.

Your very own music geek.