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Song of the day: Introducing The Outs

Hello kids,

Sometimes the internet still amazes me – like when I get contacted by a Brazilian vintage rock band. And hell they are rocking so why not cover them on Featured Fridays. They are called The Outs and they released the video for their new single Right Or Wrong on Wednesday.

Another fun fact is  they were crowned winners of a 2008 contest judging Oasis cover songs. Their version of ‘Bag It Up’ took first prize in this competition and led Noel Gallagher to stating that they really ‘got to the heart of the track’. Well hell – what else is there to say. 



Song of the day: Blaenavon is where the heart is

Hello kids,

So I came to know of Blaenavon through their manager. It didnt take me long to know to conclude I loved the sound but it did take a couple of listens to get to the bottom of it all. The boys are very talented; they had already written +50 songs by the age of 14. And we not talking bah bah black sheep 3 chords material.

Their first single Into The Night, which they released in March this year, is very WU LYF meets Wild Beasts – with wonderful deep growing and bubbling melody and bass lines that almost fight each other.

I also wanted to include their Mahogany Session they have just done because it shows a slightly different side to them – or it only exaggerates how incredibly beautifully complex Ben’s voice is. I don’t know why but I want them to do a song with Kill It Kid.


Song of the day: Woohoo

Darling music fans,

oooooooh  I found a lovely little song to get you dancing. Since its dance stuff I don’t need to blab. Just listen, wait for the build up – and jammmmmm.
This is going to get me to take out my Tracktor. This post is as simple as the name of the song: Woohoo.

Just a little silly dance song, you need one mid week no?


Song of the day: Parquet Courts joins Rough Trade

Hello kids,

So sometimes I like to write about songs/bands that stretch my limits. Last night I was invited last minute to a gig by someone’s musical taste that I trust – so of course I went. Their name is Parquet Courts and apparently I should know about them, considering they were just signed to Rough Trade.

So this american punk rock band, is very much punk of what I normally listen to. But live they are incredibly impressive. The room was hot and fully packed with a waiting queue to get in as long as a dragon’s tail. People jumped, people marshed in intimate upstairs room of The Old Blue Last.

So before I try to give you a bad description of punk music, here is a song: She’s Rolling.

Little squeeky at the end right?

Song of the day: Hunger, hunger is the purest sin

Hello kids,

Well I have decided to stop making statements of being back and apologies for being away. I will just go ahead and write when I can and unfortunately this will not be as consistent as you may have come to rely on it for the last two years. But hopefully you will still find some musical gems nonetheless.

Susanne Sundfør is someone I have had in my radar for some time (CMU are particularly big fans) but never got around to actually having a good listen to – until last week. Not just her name give away her Norwegian origins, but you can here the Nordic influences in her sound (think Agnes Obel meets First Aid Kit).  These Nordic ladies all have the same high pitch slightly airy slightly spooky sound – but in a good way.

Her latest album released last year,The Silicone Veil, holds the master piece that is White Foxes. Probably her most electronic track to date, Susanne’s voice almost transforms to match the tone in the synthesisers used. Although very piercing the sound is quite hypnotic in its hight pitch tone.

She is quickly growing from strength to strength and there is no doubt about why.

Song of the day: Introducing The Nyco Project

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Hello kids,

Well today I have been sent another epic find. They are The Nyco Project, a psychedelic indie rock band from London. A quick click on a soundcloud link opens to a wonderful bluesy male voice declaring  “my lover told me, I’m insane” simple but effective guitar grows with the help of tambourine and then drum and then a gorgeous female accompaniment. And all I can think is White Stripes or The Kills? But either way I’m sold. The band states influences from the Velvet Underground (which may explain the name?) which are not a far off claim.

I’m rather happy that this is the simple way I fell onto this band – because the music caught my attention first. However the band decided to take creativity to another level and with the help of  the Arts Council’s ‘Grant they released their debut EP The New Machine , both in the traditional form but also as an audiovisual app.

‘The New Machine’ app (available on itunes and google store for free) is quite the fun thing to play with on the tube. Each song is presented as a collage of several videos – each video has one of the band member playing a single instrument or singing in isolation and it all mergers to form the song. You can then interact with each window muting it or listening to it on solo or finding more info about the performance. It’s really a very original way to put an emphasis on live recording. That being put aside – if the music wasn’t so good I might think its was a bit kitsch. But since the songs are great it’s a very creative way to stick out of the crowd in an original way.

So download the app and have something to play with. But at the very least listen to Fade Away.

OOOOOH its great.


Song of the day: Introducing Mahoney & The Moment

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Hello kids,

So after going through several submission of junk I am happy to report back I found a lovely little duo – they are called Mahoney & The Moment. They describe themselves as Britpop meets Americana. I don’t really hear either in the single I’ll give out but musical genres are always a bore anyways. They have a new album called Don’t Say No! (which rather amused me) and on it this lovely little song called Never Enough which I really enjoyed.

However I know you like videos and they did give me this very much Americana Balcony TV session of Roadtrip.

Give them a thumbs up if you enjoy.