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Welcome to Song of the Day.

This is something I started late 2010 with the purpose of gently introducing Indie music to a few of my new friends  in Geneva (and partly with the self-interested motive to have more musically-educated concert companions). This mailing list has grown hugely since its birth I have given out about +400 songs, and over +350 original artists/bands.

This habit of starting every week day writing, researching and listening to music for two years was a big boost of confidence and knowledge that helped me take the jump so I can’t help be a believer in this theory.

And for those of you who find a song a day too much to handle and just want an easy playlist to follow you can find it here.
There are the initial megaplaylists:

The first 300 songs of the days Spotify playlist
And the 301 – 400 song of the days Spotify playlist

And from now on I will make them monthly and digestible:

12.12 MasMusic’s Song of the day

Enjoy the jams to come.


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